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yesterday just seen only in certain people can get the Air Max LeBron VII Low MVP, Nike Air Max LeBron VII MVP and publicly defined version. LeBron yesterday the Cavaliers and Searl Celtics team events before accepting NBA chairman David Stern awards and praise, in the game that put on for the first time publicly the Air Max LeBron VII MVP limited edition. The white tone, red wine and gold decorative details on collocation Cleveland spirit, and the Nike logo with a yellow towel cloth as the characteristic, in addition there are MVP words in the inner side of the shoe rear. While Nike to honor LeBron MVP prize two years even waving moment, at the same time to make a MVP Tee. to MVP "for defining positive design features, then have a James sign pattern two dunk posture trophy winning. But this symbol MVP LeBron James black version MVP limit Tee is expected to be sold in Taiwan in May 6th and with the specific store, buy more at the same time Tee will send a poster. Air Max LeBron VII MVP is currently only limited edition is not yet definite offering news, please be sure to pay attention to the future more fans of LeBron. tracks Kobe 6 generation has released many versions of new products, following the Kobe 6 generation "Hollywood" 3D version was released, recently, a new version of the "Losangeles" 3D version also quietly exposed. This version of 3D effect in a pattern of yellow and purple covered in white scales on the upper, sole, heel and cup, and half cheap air jordans sole to milky white color is presented, the Lakers taste, maybe Kobe will choose in the new season on foot open game. The exact time for this release is not yet known, but it is expected some time this fall, and perhaps when the new NBA season begins, it will be on the market. Let's hope for it! The specifications of the item: 555088-101 release date: May 30thPrice: earlier exposure, and Hologram Hyperflight Max has the same kind of wonderful Air Force 1 Low CMFT is now officially shelves, shoes, rainbow like gradient color reflective material is undoubtedly the biggest highlight of this shoe. Nike Kaishi with its simple design ideas, people can not help but with the same as Nike's Roshe Run comparison, this shoe can also be as popular as Roshe Run?. The day before Nike announced the sale to determine the city, the first time will be issued three color. The three are expected to be on sale this month at $70.Orange storm Adidas Originals ZX 500 OG Blue in Craora 2013-12-08 22:24:14 ZX 500, the most classic jogging shoe of Adidas Originals, has survived since its debut in 1984. Now, this classic shoes also gradually to tide shoes direction closer, this time Adidas Originals launched this Adidas Originals ZX 500 OG Blue in Craora because of this, the previous mesh shoe design into suede uppers, suddenly flu full. This Adidas Originals ZX 500 OG Blue in Craora will be on sale at major Adidas stores. Nike LeBron 13 "Written in the Stars" Mito 2015-10-06 17: air jordan 11 space jam for sale 04:39 's Nike LeBron 13, which has taken the lead in the Greater China region, does not seem to be admired by all of us, and from the feedback we've made earlier, there are many reasons why people don't buy it. However, according to the editorial staff of our assessment, the shoes really still have the quality as a pair of signature shoes. Maybe you feel a little higher for the price of 1599, but the principle of not discount, not buying shoes, believe that soon, its price will reach everyone's psychological price, then you might as well buy a pair of go to the stadium.& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; [Chinese shoes Network - News Analysis] April 7, 2015 in the afternoon, the Athens Olympic Games men's 110 meters hurdles champion, "Chinese trapeze" Liu Xiang officially announced his retirement, and publish long microblogging form of announcement The news. In regret "Chinese trapeze" Liu Xiang athletic career farewell while editing noted in this long microblogging, Liu Xiang, the only explicit reference to the sponsor brand is "along the way, through thick and thin." Nike. We specifically find the original one in 2012 titled "Liu Xiang, who did not give up?" The article, as we sort out and analyze simple and around Liu Xiang athletic career ups and downs of business marketing, for you readers reference. Beijing time on July 28 morning, the 2012 London Olympics will be unveiled. This is a global sporting event, but also the Internet +, electronics, FMCG and othe jordans on sale mens r areas where the company can not escape the star of an exam in July and August. sponsorship, celebrity marketing, new technologies and new products will be presented, it is the largest of the intersection of business and the Olympic Games. When it comes to marketing, sponsorship and the stars, the Chinese army, the first to see Liu Xiang. him, because in the 2004 Athens Olympics War fame, and in the 2008 Beijing Olympics staggering out of the race - the ups and downs of the sports career, its commercial value and advocacy activities into ups trend. Data show that before the 2008 Olympics his campaign, his body endorsement of the brand up to 14. After the race, leaving only the four 2009's brand statement, including Nike, Coca-Cola, EMS and Erie. Until now, Liu once again battle the London Olympics in 2012, only Nike and Coca-Cola has not quit on Liu Xiang's sponsorship ranks. It appears that this is a story about emotions and loyalty. But in the end, it is a marketing story. Is not it? Nike and Coca-Cola is not without paying US companies. The difference is that, with the exit of that moment compared to more than a dozen companies, Nike and Coca-Cola's marketing realm does have admirable (hey, for example tiger sniffing the initiative to talk about this subject at this time, is the catch for them to do marketing ah fall), after the tiger sniffing worked in analysis Jingdong Liu Qiang East microblogging Sau Lane, said:!. "the best marketing, not p cheap foamposites laying hard-wide, the table determined, but the spread of emotion to the fans" This is, in today we talk about Liu Xiang and Nike, Coca-Cola's story, once again been confirmed. The latest issue of "Business Week Chinese Edition" reported that two brand how to accompany Liu Xiang from 2008 Beijing Olympic Games come to the story of the 2012 London Olympics. Wherein the word tiger sniffing make particularly impressed: Liu Xiang need to select a professional, do not give Liu Xiang will need courage, especially values. When audiences see brands Liu Xiang's "not give up", no doubt, they also felt a certain brand of courage and values ??- which brings touched and shocked, obviously more than the then please hurdler Liu Xiang, majestic to speak gives the shock. The following comes from "Chinese version of Business Week" reported (Author: Room Yu), tiger sniffing excerpts are as follows: August 18 August 18, 2008, Liu Xiang, the Olympic Games in Beijing, home to retire because of injury on. After the game, Liu Xiang began to take the initiative to invite people photography, and rushed over to comfort his officials according to General Administration of Sport, weeping and overwhelmed volunteers photos, full took half an hour. "Working together a video of it, next time do not know what time." As he said according to the side. inconstancy. After the game, the majority of the tacit contract expires in not to renew, some companies, although not immediate jordan 3 katrina 2018 ly terminate the contract, but Liu Xiang as the core of advertising pages and the corresponding product promotion programs are quickly removed, they chose frozen uncertainty of trapeze wings folded. But Nike and Coca-Cola decided to accompany Liu go. Nike Nike first signed in 2002 with Liu Xiang. Prior to retire, about Liu Xiang's foot injury, Nike says they did not get any news. Liu Xiang's foot outside only know there are old wounds hidden, but his various hip during the Olympic Games is closely guarded. Nike is also very concerned about the real situation of Liu Xiang. Liu Xiang training and racing shoes by Nike tailored, because by the different stress points, left foot shoes are not the same. Through the analysis of Liu Xiang Nike sneakers worn by training, concluded that Liu Xiang in good shape. But a few minutes before the game, Nike employees only received a coworker's phone, worried Liu Xiang will go wrong. retire after 48 hours, it has never been an Olympic sponsor Nike issued a statement in support of Liu Xiang took the lead, together with a piece of advertising the following: & nbsp; 2009, Liu went to the United States for treatment. Nike mobilize their extensive global resources, Liu and his team introduced the United States to the best medical and exercise experts to assist the development of treatment and rehabilitation programs. No sponsorship contract to provide psychological counseling that responsibility, but at the lowest Retro jordans for sale point of that time, Liu Xiang, Nike's people put behind the contract terms, wants to be a friend of Liu Xiang brother, eager to accompany him to dinner to chat with. Crag Cheek, vice president and general manager of Greater China, Nike Group a year ago to accompany the golfer Tiger? Woods visit with Liu Xiang after Woods spent some time telling Cheek, Liu Xiang is a never-say-die people easily. "I think all of the outstanding athletes in the world are the same, they have a winning attitude, do not like to lose," Cheek said the experience is very important to cooperate with Liu Xiang, "This is related to how we launched the product, how can we be inspired, and what we can learn in sport. " Nike says, no matter how the London Olympics achievements, Liu Xiang can stay in the sport life cycle within Nike's system, "Great athletes can change some of the social and cultural values." About mention that the ad above, this represents a recognition of the values ??of Nike, each player could be injured fail, unpredictable nature is part of the beauty of sports, and now he's back, but also full of legend. JWT Greater China CEO Doctoroff commented: "Compared to Asians value the honor sports behind the Westerners pay more attention to sports victory and defeat for humanity itself temper and sublimation on Nike's marketing history, has also been. Jordan's story done by a classic failure themed ad, Jordan recounts his own misses how many balls, how many games lost, jordan retro 14 white/fuchsia blast/black how many times people want to live up to after, he concluded: In my life, experienced a failure again. And that is the secret of my success. " Nike even believe that individuation and even a certain degree of deviant, part of it is Athlete personality and charm. Therefore, signing a long list of stars in Nike's history, there are many to be guardians of intense criticism rebellious genius, he is exposing cheating scandal Woods and through televised decision to leave Cleveland's NBA star LeBron? James recently the most famous names - Nike does not encourage individual outrageous behavior, but that is part of human nature to make mistakes, to be tolerant of. The Coca-Cola TOP sponsor of the Olympic Games veteran, FMCG giant Coca-Cola was first signed and Liu Xiang in 2003. End after the game of 2008, Coca-Cola an invitation to Liu Xiang Liu root father and son make a commercials. Never touch electrical Liu had simply wanted to refuse, but to get Coca-Cola advertising design lines after Liu root, he said: "In order to be able to rebuild his son, I shoot!" 2009 New Year, Liu Xiang father photographed this ad scheduled broadcast. Lens, Liu root holding Coca-Cola with forlornly son said: "You know how many columns you have crossed yet one hundred thousand and six, but this is just another bar?!!" This is Liu root shot so far only one ad, this ad also my great shock to Liu Xiang. "This ad is almost my portrayal of the mentality of months." Liu said C jordans on sale online oca-Cola staff. Liu Xiang in and on a sponsorship contract expiring in 2009, Coca-Cola and Liu Xiang choose to renew. (discovered and signed Liu Xiang) early, Coca-Cola will arrange Liu often take some funny funny ad, but this year, Coca-Cola Liu photographed image design is no longer a simple sun handsome, but mature atmosphere , highlighting his inner tough temperament. Coca-Cola signed a number of players, there are many high hopes athletes misfired examples. From sports marketing perspective, four-year term of the Olympic cycle, the Chamber of Commerce sponsored spokesperson lineup constantly updated according to the situation, but Liu Xiang is the only exception decades. "Liu Xiang is the only one of Coca-Cola China over the past decade across the Realms Games Sanchaoyuanlao." Coca-Cola soft drink category in China integrated market communication director Zhang Yi said. "If we were out of the race because the event does not contract with Liu Xiang, that is contrary to our own brand value, we do not advocate a positive young man." Liu Xiang can win the London suspense, Zhang Yi replied:. "As long as he comes back, it has been very great" The report concluded by saying that Liu and his sponsor's brand story to tell those huge business machine, brand endorsement contract strategy is not cold, dazzling digital, immediate and valuable commodity so simple, it also contains a scientific system, financial risk , a long wait, as well as a brand amba buy cheap jordans online ssador and, how thick and thin, mutual support and achieve common development. Q: In a successful school was flooded country, our brands - whether traditional industries or the Internet - will be like Nike and Coca-Cola did not give up a temporary failure, or even not without disgrace to opt out The hero? We marketing, in addition to showing the worship of success and glory, will they be able to show a positive, positive but also full of beauty and struggle of humanity tangled? After Liu Xiang successful comeback in 2009, he quickly picked up by the millions in endorsement fees to the level of million level, and again, some Chinese companies to come to. But no matter the audience or Liu Xiang himself, I am afraid that those ads are still his filming at lowest ebb, more unforgettable. Good luck in London, Liu Xiang (Chinese shoes Network - the most authoritative and most professional shoe News Media Partner:. Cartelo)!??????designer handbags A great way to divide a large room into small useable spaces and add some depth all at the same time Hang or stand a mirror the outlet store Delft Holland handbags A great way to divide a large roo" /〉 air max black white pink 1000 Life Hacks 2015 asics shoes Love you more http www stylemepretty com 2015 09 12 pops of pretty 5 designer handbags A great way to divide a large room into small useable spaces and add some depth all at the same time Hang or stand a mirror ??????nike town sale Cheap jordans online air jordan 11 blackout for sale s Rio de Janeiro Brazil nike air ice skates Wild Drawing Street Art Street Artists Art urban art modern art art travel graffiti mural Schomp MINI discount kids nike shox shoes Click here for more Purely Elizabeth recipes Salmon is one of my favorite fish to eat As a Top Superfood it s loaded with omega s both in EPA and DHA form that help fight inflammation ma uk cheap shoes outlet store Ender street art Paris rue des couronnes mai streetart jd nike town sales Rio de Janeiro Brazil & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; [Chinese shoes Network - Brand Dynamics] Adidas Predator Instinct released a new soccer shoes in Beijing Sanlitun Swire years. Famous football player Li Weifeng, former international Fan Zhiyi scene boost the event. Predator soccer shoes as Adidas classic series, worldwide recognized by a large number of players and football fans. This year also coincided with the 20th anniversary of the birth of the Predator football shoes, and as the 2014 release of the new Predator Instinct happens to be in the series 14th generation products. As soccer shoes in the field, one of the most famous series, Predator ushered in the occasion of the birth of 20 years, the event with a trait Predator Instinct soccer shoes cake salute the great moments. The event, Li Weifeng and Adidas soccer products and field experience also Predator sneakers collectors with the exchange, with the recollection of the Predator football boots classic 20-year history. Weifeng is the Predator series of soccer shoes loyal support, Predator soccer shoe is also accompanied him throughout his career experienced a classic moment. Talking Predator, Weifeng expressed: "Predator in my heart, not just a soccer shoe so simple, like my brother, so many years have been fighting along with me, the new Predator soccer shoe return of the classic black and red color, I also hope that the upcoming game Predator can help me. " Fan Zhiyi at the scene about his feelings for the Predator's: "We are professional players have a word that best describes the Predator, that can put a lot of shoes to play the game needs to have a process of adaptation, but the Predator is not required, that. kind of comfort and a sense of stability to give you a special confidence, even just shoebox yard out to be put on a direct kick game. " Predator Adidas is one of the most historically important shoes, it is epoch-making masterpiece. In order to celebrate the twentieth anniversary of the launch Predator football boots, Adidas will launch this year of 14 Predator Instinct, create a Predator Instinct series. Predator after the return to the traditional red and black color, and certainly will leave an important mark in the history of Predator soccer shoe. (Chinese shoes Network - the most authoritative and most professional shoe News Media Partners: shoe & nbsp; clothing and shoes information.) & Nbsp; : before talking about this Adidas's first generation signature shoe for Wal Mart, J WALL 1, I'd like to talk first about wall, about his past. (blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah.) source: We all know that has been acquired by Adidas in August 2005 since Reebok, Camp AI, rain man, Buddha Dayao boss, after retirement, Reebok basketball spokesperson emboldened more than this, Adidas's "subsidiary" gradually lost its market share in the field of basketball, until 2010, Reebok to 5 year contract 25 million the signing of the year's top show John wall, which saved in the field of basketball awareness. And in the eve of the draft, the first champion wall and Reebok announced its first generation signature shoes "ZigTechSlash", that is, we later became familiar with the "pig colon" series. Reebok, of course, hopes to use the influence of the wall for them to play a turn over in the field of basketball, but who knows, this is the beginning of this fleeting bubble. Although wall did not get rookie in the rookie year, but John - wall's performance is obvious to all, he just needs more time to prove oneself. Reebok, for the next two seasons, has rolled out Wall Season 2, ZigEncore, and Wall Season 3, ZigEscape, which we are familiar with. But for the rising star, and Reebok cooperation did not satisfy him, Waldo January 2013 switch to Adidas, Reebok built wal series ended cooperation with Reebok like bubble wall, transient, and did not give me what they left behind... . * pictures from network *The summer of 2013, Adidas's NBA four headed guard: Wall, Rubio and Lillard, holiday came to Chinese in Adidas, but not fast breaking China faster, and the four Crazy Quick and adizeroCrazy Light endorsement series. Although during the all star game is on foot wal Crazy1, and Crazy in 1 won the dunk contest, but after wearing Crazy Quick is the frequency change of Adidas's most world series, which also happens to play "and the wall light, flexible and rapid" echoes. Wall in the day also have their own exclusive color. * pictures from network * 2014 may be a significant year for wall, as the team is on The Hundreds Hawaii flower pattern shoes in the brand The Hundreds, the latest "Blue Box" series, called "Tropic" series of casual shoes money, which is certainly the purpose of note. The "Tropic" series of brand Johnson Low shoes as the blueprint, retains the simplicity of Low-Tie casual shoes form, but with a bright color and rich colors of Hawaii flower pattern design elements, large eye-catching graphics make shoes to become a protagonist in the other; to wear canvas shoes high quality production, with the tongue to leather leather brand chapter details, and it is to build the brand printed signature and red bomber designs, the details of the overall design in all aspects of the principle of moderation. Shoes are available in black and blue, with 150 pairs limited per set. The Hundreds Hawaii flower pattern shoes The Hundreds Hawaii flower pattern shoes

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